Co-creating the vibe by playing together: let the music be
your message. 

win a gig at Peak’s ADE event with Phil Weeks, Folamour, Dan Shake & more.


B2Battle is a new type of DJ-contest where DJ’s play with and against eachother at the same time. Why? To establish who can best adapt their music to create the desired energy on the dancefloor.


Improvising, reading the room and aligning your ego with the crowd are characteristics that – in our view – separate the really good artists from the average. Besides the technical capabilities and quality of the musical selection, of course.


How can you best mix the music you and we love, everything in the full spectrum of house & disco, to create that energetic momentum where everyone feels connected in the here & now? 


At B2Battle we pre-select 2 DJ’s that will play an hour B2B. There will be 2 of these sessions with 1 winner each: these winners will play a B2B closing set together where the final winner will be selected.

First edition is the 11th of October at Madam (A'DAM Toren) in Amsterdam North. 

Submissions possible until October 10th: get in the mix!

Registration closed